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Parent/Educator Workshop Series 

Join other parents and educators to learn, support, and practice skills in a fun, safe, and caring space. Workshops are held in person at Movin' Mountains (778-456-0020)

1) Anxious child - What can I do? Oct. 18th 6-8pm $40 

Learn skills and strategies to better understand your child's anxiety and how to respond in ways to support their anxious symptoms. Based from neuroscience, learn about how the brain and nervous system respond to stress and anxiety, learn about fight, flight, freeze, and fawn response and understand more about your child's stress responses. We will explore how anxiety can be helpful and not necessarily something we want to get rid of, but rather to create shifts so it doesn't interfere with your child's functionality. In this workshop you will learn different strategies including validating feeling, co-regulation, making a plan, realistic thinking, challenging your thoughts, exposure therapy and more. You will also learn evidence-based strategies for supporting your child in various environments and the importance of play! 

2) Navigating the Anger Ladder Nov. 22nd 6-8pm $40

"My child goes from 0-100" or "How do I support my child during a temper tantrum or violent outburst?"

Helping your child cope with the wide range of emotional responses of anger. Learn about the stress and overwhelming feelings beneath the anger including the fight, flight & freeze response, understanding your own anger responses as a parent, and how to help support your child during an anger or violent outburst. You will learn strategies for breaking a cycle of anger/shame through co-regulation, validating feeling, creating felt safety and other techniques to help strengthen your secure attachment, and help your child process and feel their emotions in a safe and supportive space. 


1) Dealing with Disclosure  Wed. Sept. 27th 6-8pm $40 Online

*A recording of the workshop will be made available 

For anyone working with clients that may disclose information  that you don't feel comfortable or trained to manage, such as self-harm behaviour, suicidal ideation, harm to others, abuse (Physical, emotional, verbal, sexual), witness of child abuse, and substance use/abuse. In this workshop, learn how to hold space while maintaining safe boundaries for yourself and your client. This workshop will walk you through strategies to stay within your scope of practice and competency, while helping to support your client. You will receive clear step-by-step techniques for managing disclosures including helpful resources by a trained Registered Clinical Counsellor. 



Counselling & Yoga Therapy Brain Series

 Incorporating neuroscience, with empirically supported yoga therapy and psychotherapy techniques to support our health and wellness. The workshop format allows us dedicated time to learn techniques and put them into practice in a supportive, safe, and caring environment. The supportive group environment provides a caring, compassionate space to connect and not feel alone in mental or physical suffering. Workshops will include a combination of trauma-informed Yoga therapy and Counselling techniques including gentle movement, mindfulness-based self-compassion, meditation, visualization, cognitive behavioural therapy, relaxation techniques, self-massage/tapping, hand mudras, Yoga Nidra, mantra's, breathing techniques, journalling, self-reflection, art and expressive therapy techniques.

Brain & Stress

Dealing with stress, feelings of overwhelm, emotional swings or outbursts, burnout, insomnia, anxiety or fatigue?

Learn strategies to build awareness of your body and mind, learn how to adapt with stress, and use this learned awareness to develop skills to help get grounded through up or down-regulating the nervous system to help support managing the stress response and building internal resilience and healthy coping strategies.

Brain & Chronic Pain

Brain & Mental Health